First Alpha Release of Crisis of the Middle Ages Now Available

Hello World!  I am a crazy software developer turned middle level manager turned wanna be video game developer.  I have just posted the very first alpha version of my very first game, Crisis of the Middle Ages.  This is a comedy "Office Space"/"Dilbert" inspired RPG that focuses on living the life we want to live versus living the life expected of us.  Please note that this game is still in development and may be prone to anything from crashes to bad grammar.  I hope you find this game as fun to play as I found it to develop.  My seven year old daughter also helped with a few quests and random voice overs.  I welcome all feedback as I would like to make the game as good as possible.  Thank you for joining me on my game development journey. 

Files 415 MB
Feb 23, 2019 550 MB
Feb 23, 2019
cme-alpha1-android.apk 360 MB
Feb 23, 2019

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