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Please note that this game is still in beta and under active development .   I want to make this game as good as possible and welcome any and all feedback, bug reports, etc.   If you do like the game, please leave a review on Itch or the Google Play Store.  Thank you for giving this early release a try!  

Synopsis:  This game can best be described as Office Space/Dilbert meets RPG.  Ever wonder if you if you could be doing something more fulfilling with your life?   The four main protagonists wonder the same thing.  The entire world's population struggles to find their purpose in life.  Even the evil creatures express frustration in their career paths and have been known to complain or even walk out mid battle.  This results in some very  hilarious  battles.  Ultimately, this game explores the challenges of living the life we want to live versus the life that we feel obligated to live.

The World: Happy Valley has enjoyed many years of peace.  The evil kingdoms to the north and south of Happy Valley are constantly at war.  Emia (Evil Monsters in Action) used to be the largest and most powerful evil kingdom in all the land, employing most of the world's evil creatures.  Due to extreme mismanagement, one of Emia's key leaders left to form AC4GD (Attractive Creatures for Global Domination).  AC4GD then began to recruit many evil creatures from Emia, eventually becoming more powerful than Emia.  It is a great mystery as to why Happy Valley has not been attacked by either evil kingdom.


Echo takes great pride in her work as the Happy Island   Engineer. She invented electric powered lights and has been installing them throughout Happy Island.  Unfortunately, her Aunt Ella and many of the other Happy Island  women think she is wasting her time working.  Ultimately, Echo struggles with trying to find her purpose in life while failing to meet the expectations of others.

Balthor lived in King Bruce's Castle since he was a child.  As Captain of the Guard during years of peace, Balthor became bored and yearned for adventure.  Balthor has a kind heart and would prefer non violent resolutions to conflict.  For whatever reason, women are constantly expressing their love for Balthor.  Balthor is often  confused by this and unfortunately, almost always forgets their names.   

 Darius lived his entire life in King Bruce's Castle.  His life revolves around making King Bruce and Prince Aiden happy.  He often puts in very long hours at the castle doing menial work.  His dream is to someday be recognized and promoted by the King.  He has powerful magic skills that are greatly underutilized.  His childhood best friend is Balthor, whom he often has to keep out of trouble.

Trollan used to hold a very high level position at the Emia Kingdom.  For unknown reasons, he left to wander the world.  Trollan is hiding a deep, dark secret that he is very reluctant to reveal.


  • Funny story line with relatable characters
  • Retro style RPG with side view battle system
  • Beautiful music including some classical selections
  • Over 700 Unique Enemies
  • Over 100 Unique Battle Skills (including magic spells, physical attacks, friendly skills, and engineering skills)
  • Special Items that can be thrown at enemies with unpredictable and often entertaining results (a can of beans, for example)
  • 6-10 hours of game play
Updated 14 hours ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
PublisherOrgAction LLC
AuthorOrgAction Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, GIMP
TagsComedy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, JRPG, Parody, Retro, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen

Install instructions

Note: You may have to modify OS permissions to install this game.

Windows and Mac: Unzip downloaded file to desired directory and run executable.

Android:  Game can be installed from Google Play here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orgaction.cme or from Itch: Download and install APK file.  Note: Only Android version 5.1 and higher supported.  

iOS: Install Testflight and follow this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/6EknyV4X


cma-0.3.0-mac.zip 336 MB
cma-0.3.0-windows.zip 202 MB
cma-0.3.0-android.apk 98 MB

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New Bugs!

Unattainable chest in EMIA lava cave

Unattainable chest in EMIA snow fortress

Darius is still healing enemies sometimes, even with no elemental stuff?!

You can’t take the steps down the evil human tower on the second floor

Stuck on the second floor of the AC4GD headquarters

No HP or spell stone slots yet

Hello Batshua, I was hoping you would return :). This will give me something to do on my plane ride back from NY.  I'll let you know as soon as they have been addressed.  Since you have found so much, would you like to be listed in the credits as a "Glitch Finder"?

Sure! ! :D

(1 edit)

Hello Batshua - I fixed everything except Darius issue.  Fixes are in the 0.3.0 release.  The 0.3.0 release should also get you unstuck in AC4GD HQ.  Can you tell me more about the Darius issue?  Is he casting a spell or doing a physical attack when he heals enemy?  Lastly, I added you to the credits :). Let me know if you would like any modifications there.  As always, great bug finds.  I appreciate it!

It's with physical attacks, that's why it's so confusing.

I think I am stuck in the golden sail cave 2nd floor.  There is a doorway at the top, but I can't pass the tile in front of it.  Playing on android.

Thank you for reporting this.  I see what the problem is.  I'll get a fix out sometime tomorrow and let you know when it is ready.

If you downloaded from itch.io, I just put out a fix for this (version  If your downloaded from the play store, it will take a little longer for Google to approve this version and publish it.

The fix is now in the Google Play Store.   Are you unstuck now?

Loving this game, but I just got stuck...

If I remember right there was another EMIA mine just to the north, near where the airship is currently, and there was a sign next to it. I landed and went to check the sign, but instead got entered into the EMIA crystal mine. Upon exiting directly the way I came in, I ended up here, surrounded by mountains and separated from the airship :(

Wow, you almost finished the game!  Thanks for reporting this.  Let me get a fix out asap.  What platform are you on?  (Mac, PC, iOS, Android?)

mac. Thanks!

Ok,  I just posted an update for Windows and Mac that should fix this problem.  @havingfun - I created a mountain pass you to get back to your airship.  Let me know if you are able to get un-stuck.

Echo & company are free, and send you their utmost gratitude.

I'm so happy to hear that!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ending (and anything else in the game that would like to share).  Thanks so much for playing my beta release game!

Found two chests that I think are deliberately totally inaccessible…

Are those two areas in the spell dungeon supposed to have four beds just to taunt me, or am I supposed to be able to sleep there?

While I would never deliberately make chests inaccessible, I don't doubt some exist unintentionally  :-)  Where did you see the inaccessible chests?  I will fix them.

I added some spooky looking inn keepers in the spots you mentioned (but they won't be cheap, haha! ;-)).  The inn keepers will be in my next release (0.2.8 or later) which will come out when I have gathered enough other bugs, enhancements, and features to do another release.

There's one past the broken bridge in… the spell dungeon, I think.  I can't see any way to get to it .

There's a red chest on the far right of one of the towns (I'll have to check which one) that's also seemingly inaccessible.

Disabled all elemental augments; my guys are still healing enemies sometimes?!

(1 edit)

Your allies will still heal on elemental magic attack (for example, casting Fire at a fire based creature).  This is to force the player to use some sort of strategy with the enemies.  If you cast Water at a Fire basted creature, you do extra damage for example.  Also, I did not want the player to just cast "Lightning All" blindly a every set of enemy - I wanted the player to think a little about the more efficient way to take out the enemies given their resistances.  That said, you should no longer be healing via physical attacks - like "Super Slash".  If that is still happening, it is possible that the plugin update did not change the existing weapon fragment augment in your saved game.  To work around, simply remove the  "Fire Fragment" or whichever fragment you currently have installed in Echo's sword and that should fix the problem.

Got it!  I moved the spell chest to an accessible area and the one in the town was my "debug" chest that contained every item in the game (yikes!).  I quietly deleted that one :-).  These fixes will be in version 0.2.8 when it comes out.  Thanks again for all the feedback!    

@Batshua - All of your fixes are out for Mac and PC (version 0.2.8) :-) 

Animal Island has some weirdness going on…

I was hoping you would come by again!  I fixed all of the Animal Island character face display issues and the animals can no longer climb up that tree!  These fixes are in newly released version 0.2.7.

I keep getting into battles where my allies will only attack Echo. I'm having to friendly my enemies to death.

Is that because the allies keep getting "confused" or made "friendly" by the enemy via "mass confusion" or "big hug"?  In version 0.2.7, I addressed this by lowering the incidence of "Big Hug", "Confusion", and the dreaded "Mass Confusion".  I also added state resistances to the weapon fragments and resistance stones that should help the allies better fend off these spells.   If your issue is not caused by enemy spells or has not been made better by these adjustments, let me know and I will dig into it further.

It does NOT appear that they are friendly or confused, which is why I am so frustrated. It's super weird.

I think this is a targeting usability issue and I have seen it sometimes.  If I have my mouse hovering over an enemy but I am trying to target with the arrow keys, I sometimes have to move the mouse and click over the enemy.  What platform are you using?  Mac or PC?  Anyway, there is no reason for a player to target allies in a physical attack so I took that ability out so that should relieve a lot of the  frustration (that fix will be in 0.2.8 when it eventually comes out).  I kept the ally targeting ability in for many spells so that they can be reflected to the enemy, but if the targeting is still providing usability issues, I will take that out too.

Echo's super slash sometimes … heals the enemies?!

That was by design - but given the unintended consequences, I changed the behavior in version 0.2.7.   You probably have a weapon fragment installed.  The fragment adds an element effect to the attack.  If you attack an enemy with a fire fragment added to a weapon, the damage becomes fire damage.  This is all good when the enemy is weak to fire.  It is really bad when the enemy is not only resistant to fire, but fire makes it stronger.  I had this great idea the the player would anticipate what elements they needed to attack with an adjust their weapon fragments accordingly.  In practice, there is no way anyone is doing that.  I changed the weapon fragments to be only element and state resistance fragments.  You should not see the "echo's super slash heals the enemies" problem anymore.

Oh no.  I'm … trapped in the Animal Island treehouse. There's no exit, only an entrance? 

Yikes!  Let's get you out of that treehouse!  I just uploaded Mac and PC version 0.2.5  and that version should fix the problem.  I changed the heal spell to only heal allies.  I had this grand idea that I'd let the player strategize by bouncing heal spells off the enemy using a combo of reflect and heal, but in practice, the targeting plugin that I am using to do this sometimes only lets you select a single unintended target.  Oh well, that should not be a problem now.  I also addressed all of your grammar and spelling concerns.  Thanks again for all of your feedback - I appreciate it immensely!  

Sometimes when I'm reflecting spells,  they heal the enemy.  Also,  if I have reflect all on, healing my team… heals the enemy.

In the flashback, it says "Bathor” . 

Good catch - I did a search and found a few other instances of "Bathor" which will be fixed when 0.2.8 comes out.

This is by design.  If you reflect a fire spell on a fire elemental creature, it makes him stronger (heals him).  This is also the case if an ally casts fire on an elemental fire creature.  I did this so that the player has to use a little more strategy when using reflect and spells in general.

Also,  I'm having a weird thing where sometimes,  even when there is no spell on him,  Trollan cannot heal anyone except the front enemy.

Fixed in version 0.2.5

I keep getting this after battles, which is crashing the game. 

Thank you for reporting this issue.  I was able to recreate it.  I will push a fix out for it late tonight.  Until then, a workaround is to go into the options screen and turn the touchpad controls on.

Ok, I just put out a new version (0.2.3) for Mac and Windows that should correct this issue.  Your saved games should be preserved.Mobile will be fixed tonight on Itch and in a day or two when the mobile stores publish my update.  This problem is not as bad on mobile as the default is to have the touchpad controls on.  Thanks again for reporting this bug.

You've got a little typo there…

Thank you!!!  Good eye!  Typo will be fixed in the next release (probably sometime early next week, unless you find another game breaking bug ;-)).  Thanks again for your feedback - it helps me make a better game!

Found a couple more.  References to the shears use the verb "sheer” , and Trollan could not "bare”  to extract resources.

Trollan just said "I'm missed you more than you  know. "

(1 edit)

All fixed in version 0.2.5 - I had no idea shear was spelled with an 'a'!  My bad!

For a free game there is a lot of content. I am still working my way through it but it seems like this Echo chick has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to men. I am playing my way through it to find out if she can work through her personal issues and find a good husband to help bring some purpose to her life. 

For an RPG-Maker game, there are some innovative game playing concepts.

Thanks everyone for trying out my game!  I welcome all and any feedback.

Android 5.0.1, Can't install,  syntax error

Hi Kvlads, I am sorry the game did not install for you.  It only supports Android 5.1 or higher.  I'll update my page to note this.